Job seekers and companies looking to hire may have misconceptions about working with a recruiting agency, including but not limited to: It’s easy to recruit new talent Recruiter don’t know about your specific industry Recruiters don’t understand what kind of job you’re looking for …in layman’s terms, there’s an assumption that agency recruiters simply act… Continue reading HOW A BOUTIQUE RECRUITING AGENCY CAN BENEFIT YOU

Best Practice

Some best practice process guidelines

Some best Practice Process Guidelines: Mckinsey in their research “The War for Talent” says jobs should have a number of key attributes: “elbow room” – allowing people room to experiment, to try out and find their feet. “ head room” – making decisions relevant to the position Linkage – between job outputs and business results… Continue reading Some best practice process guidelines


Applying good practice in recruitment

A new recruit is a valuable investment. Failing to identify the top candidate is a lost opportunity, and selecting an unsuitable candidate is a costly mistake. Investing in a new employee deserves a thorough selection process. Managers have significant flexibility in conducting recruitment processes, as long as they are guided by the good practice principles. Before commencing… Continue reading Applying good practice in recruitment